MESSAGES SENT TO XXXPEDITION: (names and addresses removed for privacy reasons)


Sent 05.01.2010
Hey, my name is *** *****
I'm currently doing a documentary about the Alaskan offroading community and I've been directed to you several times. I remember when you came through Alaska on your XXXPedition. I was wondering if you'd like to be a part of the documentary that is in the works. Please let me know what you think. Thank you.

I was too busy lately and pretty much lost track of letters sent to me. I did answer to all and every email but somehow stopped adding them here for a while...
so here's some more:

Sent: 10/22/2008
Subject: Re: Update 081022: Morocco XXXpedition
It was great to hear from you. I loved the narrative and great pics. It sounds like visiting another planet though.
How's the Jeep holding up to the new environment? Is it safe to be camping outside of the vehicle?
You guys stay safe and send more pics.

Sent: 10/15/2008
Subject: Re: Update 081015: Morocco XXXpedition
Chefchaouèn looks beautiful. You guys are lucky to be able to live life as you are. Really. Keep the updates coming.

Sent: 10/15/2008
Subject: Re: Update 081015: Morocco XXXpedition
Thanks for the update from Morroco, the photos are GREAT. I would love to visit North Africa again one day, I lived in Libya for 2 1/2 years a long long time ago. In the mean time I can live vicariously through your adventures. Safe travels

Sent: 10/15/2008
Subject: Re: Update 081015: Morocco XXXpedition
Thanks for the updates! Looks like you are having a good deal of fun. Can't wait till you run into some bandwith and can upload the larger photos. Appears the lift and tires might of come in handy w/ the mud and such.
All the best!

Sent: 06/19/2008
Subject: Air Lockers
Very nice! I love the ARB air locker diff cover. Looks so nice.

Sent: 06/19/2008
Subject: mods
looking good - surely that's going to be a great vehicle once your build plan is realized.

Sent: 2/28/08

Subject: Carnet the Pasage

Hello guys
I have a Jeep JK that will compete in Australia in the outback challenge, and they requesting a carnet the Passage for the vehicle for the temporary entry in Australia.
I know you have travel to Australia with a temporary entry where you get this document?

Sent: 1/16/08
Subject:Air bag Suspension

I always seem to find my way back to your site and enjoy the great stories and fantastic images of your adventures.
I'm currently working on my XJ's rear suspension and was checking out GoJeep's website and reading about the Airlift system he used in his XJ.
I then remembered that you had used this as well and I'm writing to find out how you felt about this product and what type of problems you might have had.
We are mainly on back roads only and don't rock crawl but, we some times still have to do some wash out crossings and articulate the suspension to some degree.
I'm wondering, did you have the bags in the truck when you were in Alaska ?

I thank you in advance and hope your next adventure is as good as the last.
**** ****

Sent: 8/28/2007
Subject: Alaska Trip

Hi, I just returned from a 2 month summer trip in Alaska, and largely inspired by your articles and website i decided to take the drive all the way up to prudehoe bay via the Dalton Highway. I drive a stock 1999 cherokee, and luckilly, we ran in to no problems during the whole 8251 miles of driving from seattle to alaska. Anyways, I just felt like thanking you for the inspiration for this awesome 4wheeling and fishing summer in alaska.
Thanks, **** ****

I've attached a picture of the jeep up in the tundra north of atigun pass if your intrested

Off-Road Adventures Magazine 2007-08
Letters &Stuff (page 10)
click image to enlage

Sent: 7/29/2007

hey thanks 4 adding me,, i read offroad adventures all the time an i think your guyss articles in ora are awesome...exspecialy the alaska guys should do another trip thing for ora!

Sent: 7/17/2007

Very cool adventures!!!!

Sent: 4/24/2007
Subject: XJ modifications


I have enjoyed your pictures and articles and am fighting being jealous about all the places you have been. I've noted that we have been to some of the same places at different times. I first saw your blue XJ when you had the three part article about your Australian trek in one of the off-road magazines. Then on your web-site I saw your trip up the Dempster to Inivik and your travels in Alaska. These are places I have also visited and enjoyed seeing your pictures and videos, thanks!

I am preparing my XJ for some deeper water travel and besides a Snorkel, extended diff. breathers and waterproofing the distributor are there any other area of concern I should address?

Thanks for any help.

My next major adventure will be May 24th when I fly to Valdivostok Russia and pick up a couple of vehicle and head for St. Petersburg, I don't assume we will be doing too much 4 wheeling, but still a great adventure.

Thanks again for all your informative articles, pictures and videos. I enjoyed the Alaska ones, it might of helped if there was some narration or captions explaining exactly where you were of what to watch for.

**** ****

Sent: 4/16/2007
Subject: videos by xxxpedition

I have made the decision to do a trip to Belize in the summer of '08. Your trips have been a deciding factor in that I want to explore the world with my 4x4. When my website is up with more information of the Belize trip I will send you the URL. Thanks again for sharing your trips with us all.

Sent: 4/12/2007
Subject: RE: coffs camp

Yeah the Camp was great got to hang out with some friends that I had not seen in a while and did some kewl tracks as well. The camper was a hit got lots of looks and it towed great just sat behind the xj really nicely and did not move at all… yeah I'm getting a few comments from the web some good some not as good some guys don't think I should of cut the xxxpedition XJ up but most people love it…

Sent: 4/3/2007
Subject: Photographs


I've been following your journeys in Off Road Adventures Magazine.
As if I wasn't jealous enough, I just checked out your website. Your
photos are absolutely awesome! You really should consider writing a
book about your travels, including plenty of your beautiful
photographs. You should also consider selling some of the pictures
as framed prints.

Best wishes for your future travels,

Sent: 12/21/2006
Subject: Underhood

I am building my own XJ in the fashion of the XXXpedition, to the say the least it is inspiring to me. I was hoping to get more information on mounting the underhood compressors, perhaps some pictures of the bracketry. As well as the hood heatercore set up, enclosed is a picture of the current state of my '88 XJ Limited

Sent: 12/07/2006
Subject: you guys rock

hello my name is **** and i have been following your adventures through Alaska and Australia. my buddy and i are trying to get a jeep to drive on some off road adventures just like you have. our goal is to get to Alaska from San Diego. the only problem is no one will buy my truck haha. anyways do u have any advice on a jeep to get? i want a cherokee but im not too sure on what year i shlould get or if that matters. well thanks a lot and keep on with the travels.

Sent : 11/08/2006
Subject : Your interior modifications...

Let me first start out by saying that you have inspired me to transform my XJ into an eighth of what yours is. I love everything that you have done with your rig and the pursuit of natural art you have accomplished with your Jeep. You are fulfilling a dream that most of us can't even fathom. Thanks for all of your trail reports and wonderful pictures.

On to my questions:

What dimensions is your mattress in the Cherokee and could you possibly send me some pictures of the modifications to the interior you made to accomodate it. I am aiming to do the same mods to my Jeep, but for weekend warrior camping for me and the wife. I took some preliminary measurements of the rear of my Jeep today and figured that I have roughly 5 1/2 by 4 1/2 feet to play with in regard to bedding and such. I want to keep the back of the rear seat in function, but I do take out the bottom of the rear seat to accomplish the level ground to work with.

I'll include a stock picture of my jeep as it resembled your's at a point in time- it's a 95 model Sport

Thanks for your time and consideration,
**** ****

Sent: 03/24/2006
Subject: Snorkel

Thanks for your help with the snorkel, I e-,ailed ARB about it, asking if they knew any company that made a snorke; for my Chevy, or if they could custom make one for me. If not, I will custom make one like you have suggested. I willsend you some pictures of my Blazer 4x4 after I finish the lift, I have the 2.5 inch suspension and will put the 2 inch body in on Sunday, then I'll take pics and send them. I think its cool that you e-mailed me back, I read about you in magazines and go to your website almost everyday, so it feels like getting an e-mail back from a celebrity or something, haha. Are you still in Australia, if so where at? I hope you own the trails and thanks again.

Sent: 12/16/2005
Subject: Greetings

Hi Sven & Magdalena,

It's good to hear that you have been able to patch up and upgrade your old Cherokee warrior for another great adventure. I look forward to reading your trip reports from Australia. Some years ago I spent 3 months touring that vast & fascinating land.
I wish you safe journey. Also, a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2006!

Bon voyage,
**** ****

Sent: 12/05/2005

Subject: just another fan letter

wow i love the rig, i love reading about your adventures and i wish i could do what you guys do for a living. by the way, if you ever want company out on a trail, i'd be more than happy to join you, i own a 1979 CJ7 with 7 inches of lift on 35x12.50 pro comp xterrains (best tires ive ever owned) ive built this thing up from stock and love getting out on trails as often as possible. id love to wheel with you guys so if your ever in texas, or wherever for that matter, let me know if you want some company.

a huge fan

Dear Sven and Magdalena

My name is **** **** and I live in Santee Ca. I have a 91' XJ w/ 31" fire stone AT's, 4" Rancho 5000 lift,and an insasiable appetite for off roading. I have read every report and run you have made and find the Rubicon the most intriguing.I hope one day to make therun myself.

I am the father of four children and don't quite have the time of fund's to out fit my rig the way you have, you did make a nice model for me to follow.

I was wondering if you two were going to continue any kind ofadventure into other continent's or terretories? Or do you plan on starting a family and slowing down a bit?

I hope it's not to personal and look forward to any and all report's you post on your site!

I plan on using your sponsor's for my upgrade's when my fund's allow me to do so.


Sent: 11/21/2005
Subject: heroes & tires

YOU GUYS ARE MY HEROES!!!!!!!!!----what tire and rim size do you run on old blue? p.s.--thank you soooo much for the story, any plans for future trips? thanks ---

Sent: 11/16/2005
Subject: questions

Thanks for the info - I have been custom building trucks since I was 16 and I am 43 now - still doing it and always looking for new things. VERY impressed with your rig - have safe journeys.

Sent: 11/15/2005
Subject: Air lift springs

Thank-you for your prompt response. I'm sure I can manage with the information you provided. I have to say that it's nice to see someone outfitting a Cherokee for long difficult journeys. Having owned one for quite some time now, I know what capable vehicles they are and also know the amount of modifications it takes to make them very capable trail vehicles. I have enjoyed seeing the development that the aftermarket has made in the last few years and am continually surprised on the number of websites that have a significant portion dedicated to the XJ. It is also nice to see people (like you) coming up with new modifications for the XJ that readers like me can benefit from.

Again, thank-you, and good luck in your journey.

Q: Anyone here own the XJ on the cover of the current Off Road Adventures magazine? I'd like some more info on some of the mods.

A: It belongs to a guy named Sven.
You can find him here……….
or on his website…….

Goes by, what else, xxxpedition.
He's a pretty good guy, I am sure he will fill you in. :

Very Cool XJ website!
Hey all-
Check out this website…'s pretty darn cool. …but don't let the XXX fool you, it's not actually porn. Make sure to go to the "4x4 Galleries" section and check out some great Alaska wheelin' and deep water fording. It's especially cool for me beacuse I've long had designs for a Alcan/Dalton highway trip. Now I can live vicariously through someone else, complete with pictures!

YEA!!!! I got my copy [of Offroad Adventures Magazine] and saw the blue beast right away. : I haven't read it yet, but congrats! Very cool indeed :: I was looking at your site again yesterday. I must say you do some pretty intense trails with an expedition vehicle. :-0 Probably the largest collection of difficult stuff I have seen done with a single vehicle that has as many expedition miles on as yours does. Can you offer any thoughts on the age-old issue of "trade-offs". Do you perceive any trade-offs for having your vehicle built for, and used on such highly technical trails?

Can't wait to see what you will cook for us in Australia.
Then the blue Xxxpediton legend continue….

Posted 10/25/2005
Awesome, awesome!!

The pics from the Boulder Creek Trail were great but my favorite part of the report is the quote from the touron who asked for the Canadian Maple Leaf in blue.

Thanks for sharing!!

Posted 12/25/2005
Can't wait to see some updates. Australia has always been of interest to me. Been looking around a lot at the cost of renting a pair of expedition prepped rovers for a post grad trip for some friends and I.

Good luck and looking foward to your article!